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It’s essential that your CrossFit box has a social media presence but sometimes it can be difficult to think of new ideas. The more social networks your box is on, the more ideas you have to come up with! So with that in mind, here are 10 ideas to power up your social media from WodSites, the digital CrossFit experts.

1. Facebook Contests

Everyone loves a contest and if you leverage it right you can see a ton of new members join your box plus your Facebook user engagement rates will soar. Whether you ask fans to submit a fun workout photo or join a multiple-choice quiz, if you do it through an authorized app you can also gather valuable data for your mailing list. Hype up the contest and then the selected winner and you will gain plenty of social traction.

2. Recipes

Who doesn’t love to eat right? If we are not eating we love to look at photos of food! Using high res stock images, you can share nutritional tips and healthy recipes on your social pages. Be sure to subtlety brand each photo so that when they are shared they create brand awareness for your box.

3. Trainer Profiles

People buy from people, not businesses you know! Showcase the human side of your business by posting trainer profiles. Keep it light and fun by including their favorite food, funniest gym story or most embarrassing moment. Include a great photo of each trainer ideally wearing a company shirt and remember… brand it! From experience, personal profiles gain the highest number of likes and shares on social media pages so what are you waiting for!

4. Polls

Polls are great because they not only engage your audience but also give you valuable audience insights. Ask your audience a question on a weekly basis, this could be on Twitter or Linkedin as well as Facebook. Questions could be “What feature would you love to see in your box?”, “Would you refer a friend to your box?” or “What is your favourite workout?”. There is no winner so a prize is not necessary, however you should respond and show that you are listening to feedback.

5. Special Offers

Try to offer your fans something new every month to get them engaged, drive more traffic to your website and hopefully more $$$ to your pocket. Remember that many of your fans may already be members of your box so your offers should not exclude them. “Refer a friend and get one month free”, “Write a recommendation and get a free smoothie” or “Share our post to be entered into a prize draw” are all ideas which will work for both new and existing members.

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6. Q&A

Why not host a regular Q&A on your Twitter feed where a trainer can answer fitness questions on behalf of your box. Be sure to promote the time of the Q&A in advance and use a specific hashtag to enable you to search for questions and mentions. For example #AskCrossFitJon or #CrossFitQuestionTime. An activity like this, especially when properly executed, will establish you as CrossFit experts and also draw attention to your Twitter handle. Be sure to use additional hashtags such as #CrossFit and #Fitness to ensure that you get seen by non-followers.

7. Motivational Quotes

Everyone loves motivational quotes especially in the world of fitness. Add a short motivational quote to a powerful image and you can be sure it will be noticed and will likely receive a good amount of shares. Make sure you always quote the source but also remember to brand your images. Try to avoid images of bleeding hands or bound legs and certainly avoid quotes like “Unless you puke, faint or die keep going”. Quotes like this are likely to terrify prospective members and don’t give a great impression of your training standards!

8. Cross Marketing

When was the last time you promoted another business on your social pages? You know it’s ok to do that right? Try teaming up with complementary businesses such as a sportswear shop or health food store to offer your fans a great deal! “Sign up with our box and get a $20 store voucher” or vice versa “Spend $100 at X store and get a free training session”. If you plan it right then both businesses will be winners and you can benefit from marketing to a wider audience than simply your own page fans. Start looking at complimentary businesses in your neighborhood now and get in contact with them.

10. Short Fitness Tips

9. Videos

Your fans don’t want to be sold to at every opportunity so short fitness tips are great for social media. Of course they need to be branded but the promotion ends there. Think about your fans and the fact that they may be at all levels of fitness. Offer tips on nutrition, stretching, calorie swaps and injury prevention. Remember that tips need to be fairly gender neutral as well so take that into consideration before posting. If you want to get specific then why not run several tip series on your page.

  • Fitness Tips For New Moms
  • Fitness Tips For The Girl on the Go
  • Fitness Tips For Couch Potatoes

We hope you enjoyed reading 10 Ideas To Power Up Your Social Media from WodSites. WodSites are the digital CrossFit experts offering websites, content writing and graphic design specifically for the CrossFit industry. Photography Supplied By reannajanephotography.com.au

CrossFit lends itself perfectly to video so why not post regular WOD videos to your social pages? Each video should be well shot, around 3 minutes long and have clear instructions for viewers. Why not make it a part of your trainer’s week to film a short instructional video? Ensure that the video is branded for your box and uploaded to your YouTube or Vimeo channel from where it can be shared all around. Try to get into a routine so that your fans know they can get a video with great tips every Tuesday… in fact… #TransformationTuesday is pretty perfect for this!

Want to speak with Kody about your website? Schedule a time directly into his calendar for a no obligation website review. SCHEDULE MY CALL

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