Ever sat in front of your computer wanting to write an incredible blog article but just can’t think of any blog ideas to write? It happens to the best of us. That’s why WodSites content marketing elves have been busy working on some great blog ideas to get you started. ‘101 Blog Ideas For CrossFit Gyms’ is broken down into categories so you can keep your blog nice and varied.

HOT TIP: Want to write your own headlines? Here’s 101 Headline Templates That Work by Erica Madden.

Tutorials And How-To Guides

Tutorials and How-to Guides are a great blog ideas that are engaging and instructional for your readers. Not only are they great pieces of content for showing your expertise to new visitors they are also a great way to put content together that you can use to add value to your current membership base. Next time one of your members asks you a question about how to Kip or how to improve shoulder mobility why not grab a camera and shoot a film. It’d make for a great start to an awesome tutorial or how-to guide. The most important thing when it comes to these types of articles is to break down your tutorial into the smallest steps and the simplest terms possible. Never assume your web visitors are pros and don’t be afraid to get back to basics. Break down each move and bonus points for videos and step by step photos.

1. Deadlift 101 – Everything You Need To Know

2. Sitting All Day? 5 Great Desk Exercises To Try RIGHT Now… Literally, Do It NOW!

3. Rowing For Weight Loss: Tips From The Expert

4. How To Perform The Ultimate Burpee

5. Back To Basics – 3 Movements You’re Probably Performing Incorrectly

6. 10 CrossFit Exercises You Can Perform Anywhere

7. Breathing Techniques That Will Help You Train Harder

8. Correct Your Posture Now With Tips From Our Trainer

9. 3 Squat Alternatives For Adaptive Athletes

10. How To Perform The Perfect Thruster

Weight Loss Blog Ideas

We know that many new members have struggled with diet and fitness in the past and are looking to CrossFit as a long term lifestyle change. That’s huge and it could be one of the biggest selling points of your blog. By including meaningful, understanding and relatable weight loss articles, you will connect with readers who may be too afraid to take the next step and actually come into the gym. Show them that educated CrossFit trainers have a balanced view on weight loss and that YOU and your facility can help them to make long term change in their life-long fitness journey. Bonus points for including some real life member stories and progress photos in these ones.

11. How To Get Started When You Have Never Exercised Before

12. CrossFit Training Tips If You’re Over 250lbs

13. How To Stay On Track When You Don’t Feel Like It

14. Training Tips For Brand New Mum

15. The Secret To Burning More Calories In Less Time

16. The Biggest Misconceptions About Weight Lifting

17. Weight Loss Tips From Real CrossFit Members

18. How CrossFit Is Improving The Self Image Of Wome

19. How To Create A Progress Plan

20. What’s A Realistic Weight Loss Goal For New CrossFit Athletes?

21. 5 Of The Best WODs For Beginners

22. How To Fit Training Around Your Busy Lifestyle

23. How To Treat Yourself Without Sabotaging Your Progress

24. How These 3 Members Lost A Collective 300lbs!

25. Why Your Last Gym Didn’t Help You Lose Weight

26. Why We Track Our Workouts And Why You Should Too

27. How Your CrossFit Community Really Can Help You To Succeed

28. How To Start Again With Your Weight Loss When You Failed In The Past

29. Why You Need To Keep A Progress Journal

30. What Progress Should A CrossFit Newbie Expect To See?

Motivational Blog Ideas

There are times when even the best CrossFit athletes can’t be bothered. When that early morning alarm goes off and we just want to sleep. Tune into the motivational theme with these blog ideas and give your readers what they want with these high energy, motivational articles. Remember not to be too aggressive with your images and words because images of bleeding hands and bodies crawling to a finish line will absolutely put off new members! (And make you look like a twat).

31. Why It’s OK To Have A Day Off Every Week

32. 10 Must Have Motivational Songs For Your Next WOD

33. 5 Ways To Put The Buzz Back Into Your Daily Workout

34. How Crossfit & Meditation Go Hand In Hand

35. Get Out Of Your Training Rut Now With These Expert Tips

36. No Pain No Gain? How Hard Should I Be Pushing Myself?

37. It’s Ok If You Can’t Do A Muscle Up.. Here’s Why.

38. How CrossFit Can Help You To Recover From Injuries

39. Overcoming Temptations That Will Derail Your Progress

40. CrossFit Training During Your Period – Why You Can And Should Continue

41. 5 Bad Habits You Need To Stop Now To Prevent Injury

42. Why Failing Is Good And How You Can Move Forward Afterwards

43. The Secrets Of CrossFit Professionals Revealed

44. Why Planking Is Worth The Pain… Really!

45. How CrossFit Can Help You Recover From Injuries

46. 5 Negative Thoughts You Need To Stop Right Now!

47. 20 Quotes To Get You Pumped Today

48. Destress Your Day – How CrossFit Affects Your Mental Health

49. Getting Back Into CrossFit After A Vacation

50. How Your Mindset Affects Your Training And How You Can Bend It To Your Will

Nutrition Blogs

We know that good nutrition and CrossFit go hand in hand and so your trainers and members probably have some great tips for your blog. From the best breakfasts through to the worst snacks, your nutrition blog section is sure to get shared all around town! Check out these blog ideas for CrossFit Gym to get your started:

51. The Best Healthy Breakfasts For Early Workouts

52. 5 Post Workout Snacks You Really Shouldn’t Be Having

53. What To Pack In Your Child’s Lunch Box

54. Diets: You Heard Them All But Here’s The Truth

55. 10 Foods You Need To Eat To Boost Muscle Mass

56. 10 Healthy Recipes For The CrossFit Love In Your Life

57. Seven Of The Best Post Workout Snacks

58. Should I Be Taking Supplements? Your Guide To CrossFit Nutrition

59. 10 Surprising Foods That Are Sabotaging Your Progress

60. Coffee… The Truth May Hurt You

61. Daily Eating Habits That Set You Up For Success

62. Quick Breakfast Ideas For Busy People

63. Our Members Share Their Best Recipes For Weight Loss

64. These Hidden Sugars WILL Derail Your Progress

65. What To Eat Before Your Next CrossFit Competition

66. 10 Nutritional Mistakes That Are Holding You Back

67. 5 Of The Best Drinks To Accompany Your Workout

68. Bananas… Yes Or No For Weight Loss?

69. What To Do When You Have Fallen Off The Healthy Food Wagon

70. The Best Foods To Speed Up Your Weight Loss

71. Our Trainers Share Their Top Tips For Great Nutrition

72. The Best Foods To Eat For A Natural Energy Boost!

Blog Ideas For Experienced CrossFitters

If you are aiming to attract both beginners and experienced CrossFit members, then you need to provide engaging content for both different groups of readers. Further to that, to make it easy for these two, very different groups to find what they are looking for we recommend that you categorise your articles appropriately. Here’s some blog ideas for content you could produce to attract more experienced CrossFit athletes to your gym.

73. Why Squats Are Your New Best Friend

74. Haven’t PR’d In A While? It’s Not The End Of The World

75. How To Prepare For Your First CrossFit Competition

76. Our Pick Of The Best Mobility Exercises

77. Why You’re Not Matt Fraser And Shouldn’t Try To Be

78. How Much Weight Should I Be Lifting? Our Senior Coach Offers His Top Tips

79. Genetics Vs Training: What Determines Your Success?

80. The Biggest Mistake You’re Making With Your Kettlebell Swing

81. Our Pick Of The Best Training Shoes Out This Season

82. The Best Partner Workouts For Advanced Athletes

83. 10 Lessons We Can Learn From (Insert Athlete Name)

84. Reebok Nanos Vs Nike Metcons: Which Is The CrossFit Shoe Of Choice?

85. How To Keep Up Your CrossFit Training While Enjoying Your Vacation

86. The Biggest Misconceptions About Strength Training

87. What’s In Your Gym Bag? We Asked Our Top Athletes

88. Top Member Tom Discusses His Thoughts On The Latest Competition

89. Are You Making These 5 Oly-Lifting Mistakes?

90. 5 Simple Warm Ups That Could Prevent Your Destruction

91. The Best Supplements On The Market For Everyday CrossFitters

92. How To Increase Your Muscle Mass In The Next Month

93. 5 Competitions Coming Up In Our Area

94. Why You Need To Go Back To Basics Right Now!

95. How To Escape A Negative Head Space Day

96. The Pros Talk Pull Ups And Dead Man’s Lifts

97. Recovering From Injury Without Quitting

98. The Ultimate Guide For Preventing And Repairing Hand Tares

99. Why You’re Not Lifting As Much As You Can

100. Why You’ve Hit A Training Plateau And What To Do About It

Where's 101 You Liar?

You’re right. I promised you 101 Blog Ideas For CrossFit Gyms. So here’s one more that doesn’t require any research or prior reading. Your story! There is a lot of power in the raw emotion and energy found in your story. How you find fitness, how it has shaped you and why you’re passionate about sharing that with people. It’s your passion and your purpose that will help people connect with you as the coach or owner of the gym. So share it. Maybe you could title it something thing like:

101. Why I Love CrossFit: My Story Of Finding Fitness

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