3 of the Best and Worst CrossFit Images to Share

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Disclaimer: WodSites is not in any way affiliated with the CrossFit brand. Images are great for marketing your CrossFit box. In fact all studies point to visual marketing leading the way across blogging and social media platforms as these statistics below illustrate:

  • Tweets with images receive 89% more favorites and 150% more retweets.
  • Blog posts with images receive 68% more click throughs than those without.
  • Posts with photos get more engagement—accounting for 87% of all interactions

Ok so images are great for your online marketing but are some better than others? In this article, Wodsites Australia, the leading provider of websites, graphic design and digital marketing for the CrossFit industry, takes a look.

1. Motivation

The Best

Photos that work best in the “motivational” category are those which are true to life and that your readers can identify with. Avoid using clichéd stock photography which depicts body perfect athletes, especially if your box is welcoming CrossFit beginners. Wherever possible use real photographs (of course with permission) of your own members as they overcome struggles and achieve new goals at your box.

The Worst

The worst “motivational” photos we have seen are the ones which make it look as though CrossFit might actually kill you. You know … the ones which show cut hands holding a skipping rope and the text “I’m bleeding, bruised and battered but I still love CrossFit!” Whilst these images may motivate hardened CrossFit athletes you should be very mindful about putting off terrified newbies. Plus you shouldn’t be promoting an unhealthy lifestyle… it’s not what CrossFit is about! Remember the goals of the average box joiner and know that they usually don’t involve weeping on the floor covered in bruises!

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2. WOD

The Best

WOD posts are great for your blog or social media pages because they keep your followers tuning in for more and allow for plenty of interaction. The best WOD photo posts are clear, informative and simple and do not involve intricate maneuvers that many will not be able to follow by themselves. The images themselves may be broken up into frames showing each element of the WOD or maneuver. Why not photograph one of your trainers completing the WOD and post it on your social media channel?

The Worst

The worst WOD images are those involving complicated moves with zero explanation in the picture.  Remember that the whole point of your digital marketing is to encourage interaction from existing members whilst also attracting signups from new ones. If a potential signup reads a post like the one we recently found (below) with no explanation or photo…

“Assume the plank position. Lift your left arm and place it behind your right hip and hold the position for 30 seconds. Tighten your abdomen and remember to breathe” how many do you think will actually know what you mean?

3. Branding

The Best

One great way to promote your business is to use branded photos which represent the ethos of your box. Photos which show team building, coaching, competition and social events will all fly really well online. Be sure that every photo you post is branded with your logo and your website address. This prevents others from stealing your photos and means that you are promoting your business every time a photo is shared. And speaking of stealing photos… never save unlicensed images from Google to promote your box… you could land yourself in a whole heap of copyright trouble!

The Worst

Sloppy amateur logos, bad spelling, poor quality images and inconsistent colours will all hinder your attempts to brand your box online. Take a look at the biggest brands in the world such as Nike and note that their logo and messaging always follows the same format. By using a professional design agency to align your marketing materials you can avoid making the worst list!

Check out our blog about Deadly CrossFit Affiliate Marketing Mistakes. For more information on marketing your box, increasing signups and getting noticed contact the team at WodSites Photography Supplied By reannajanephotography.com.au

Want to speak with Kody about your website? Schedule a time directly into his calendar for a no obligation website review. SCHEDULE MY CALL

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