3 Tips to Make Your Gym Marketing Stand Out

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People are more distracted now than ever before. If you want to capture their attention, you’ll need to take your marketing game to a whole new level—and the three tips I’ll show you today is guaranteed to help you do just that!

Tip #1: Get Your Targeting On Point

The most effective marketing messages make the prospect feel as if you’re talking to them directly—which is only possible if you know exactly who you’re talking to.

So, before you do anything else, make sure to find out as much as you can about your target customer first. What are their most pressing struggles? What are their biggest fitness goals? What are the things that are holding them back?

What about the things they like and don’t like, their job, their favorite people to hang out with, the things they do for fun?

The clearer the picture you have of your target customer in your head, the easier it would be for you to craft marketing messages that connect with them and get them to take action.

So, let’s say you’re targeting busy professionals who don’t have a lot of time to work out.

Instead of saying something generic like: “Come to our gym to realise your fitness goals!”

You could say: “No time to work out? Let’s get you a workout that you can finish in no time!”

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Tip #2: Solve a Problem

At the core of every successful marketing (and advertising) campaign is a clearly identified problem that the target customer is struggling with.

Unfortunately, this is exactly the part that a lot of brands get wrong. They’re so excited to enumerate all the awesome things about their products and services that they forget one crucial detail: the prospect only cares about themselves.

That’s right. They don’t care how great you think your business is. All they know is they’re struggling with a problem and they need someone to help them fix it.

It doesn’t even matter what that problem is. It could be something a simple as being too self-conscious to go to the gym or struggling to get fitter even after spending years working out.

At the end of the day, the brand who manages to position themselves as the one who can solve the prospect’s problem wins the sale. This is why it is crucial that all your marketing messages are crafted to help you do just that.

So, instead of saying something like: “We’re not considered one of Australia’s best gyms for nothing. You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone else that has better coaches, trainers, and equipment.”Go with: “Let’s get you that body you’ve always wanted.”

Tip #3: Keep It Simple

Always pick the simplest, most direct way of saying what you have to say. The less processing power the prospect needs to understand you, the more likely they’ll listen.

Keep in mind that there are countless things competing for your prospect’s attention at any given moment—and that’s not even including the other gyms trying to sell them memberships!

Do you really think they’d want to pay you any mind if you make listening to you a chore?

So, instead of saying: “Our mission is to use our decade-long experience, top-notch coaching staff, and state-of-the-art equipment to help individuals of all shapes and sizes realise their goal of improving their body composition through professionally designed exercise programmes.”

You can go with something like: “We help people get fitter.”

Cut through the clutter!

It’s crazy how many things vye for your target customer’s attention every minute of every day. If you want to stand out, you need to up your marketing game—and the three tips I’ve shared with you today are the first step to doing just that.

Now, let me ask you…

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