4 Tricks To Taking Better Gym Photos

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Photographs provided by Vive Media.

Tired of amateurish photos that do nothing to make your gym stand out? Fix the problem with the three gym photography tricks I’m sharing with you today.

Let’s get started!

Trick #1: Get Real

With everyone on social media posting posed, heavily filtered, obviously edited photos, you can easily cut through the clutter by going with more candid ones that depict more genuine moments and emotions.

Candid, however, doesn’t mean you get to forget about the basics of good photography. You still need things like proper framing and exposure levels to make sure your photos come out stunning.

Trick #2: Shoot Moments not Movements

No one cares about seeing the deadlift, or the clean and jerk, or the muscle up. The movement doesn’t matter. It’s the moments in the gym that really matter; the fist bumps, the smile of satisfaction at the end of a fun workout, the laughter at someones terrible joke. These are the moments that are special and want to be captured.

When someone is thinking about joining your gym it’s the emotional connection with your community and the realization that they can do this that will make the difference.

So throw out the pictures of bloody hands from too many pull ups. Leave the picture of the 200KG deadlift off the website and instead focus on showcasing the things that really make your gym special; laughter, life, love and community.

Trick #3: Max Out the Resolution

Always capture as much detail as you can when taking photos because high-resolution photos still look great even when they are compressed.

But why would you want to compress your photos anyway?

Well, you don’t really have a choice if you’re uploading them on social media because these platforms have built-in compression.

And if you’re uploading them to your gym website, using compressed photos makes your pages load much faster, increasing your odds of keeping leads from leaving and ultimately converting them.

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Trick #4: Aim For Good Lighting

Obviously, a good camera would make taking good shots much easier. But even if all you had was a mid-range phone camera, if you had access to good lighting, you should still be able to take stunning photos.

So, if your gym has a lot of natural light coming in, try to take your photos during the day. Otherwise, it would be a good idea to invest in studio lights so you can get good lighting all day.

But don’t use lighting as an excuse not to get your photos done. If you shoot the photos in RAW on your digital camera, then tools like Lightroom can be used to turn a poorly lit photo into a stunning image,

That’s how my friend Tye Arnett and the pro’s at VIVE Media do it. Check out these before and after photos to see how post production on your photos can really dial them in.

Up your gym photography game today!

Forget generic-looking images. Give the four tricks I’ve shared with you today a shot and take your gym photography game to a whole new level!

Or contact VIVE Media if you want to call in the professionals.

Want a website that’s specifically built for maximum conversions?
Book a free strategy call with WodSites today to get started!

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