5 Landing Page Secrets For Gym Owners

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Is your landing page producing the results you need? At Wodsites, Australia’s number one Gym marketing brand, we understand landing pages and we are going to share with you 5 landing page secrets to boost your signups and ampify your earnings! What is a landing page? Well, put simply, a landing page is a single page website designed to capture signups or purchases. It offers a simple funnel for you to grab new clients and unlike a website it minimizes distractions. In the CrossFit business, landing pages are essential so make sure you read on to find out how to make yours super profitable!

1. Headline

If your landing page headline isn’t awesome then it can wreck your chances of success. 90% of visitors who read your headline will also read the rest of your page. The key here is to make your headline short and attractive so readers continue through your sales funnel.

  • 20% Off Gym Memberships
  • Buy 1 Month Get 1 Month Free
  • Get Your Free Fitness Assessment

Your headline is not the place to explain your offer or to try to tell visitors why they need to sign up. It is the place to grab attention and keep visitors reading. TIP- Get the headline right before you start on the text, the sign up form or the image.

2. Graphics

Your landing page header graphic needs to have the WOW factor because it’s the first thing your potential clients will clock when they land on the page. Your graphic has to be in some way relevant to your offer but should not be overly complicated. If you know who you are targeting with your landing page then it will make it easier to find the right image. Professional athletes? Stay at home Moms? Fitness beginners? College students? These are different demographics that will not respond to the same image.

  • Use high resolution images for superb quality
  • Avoid “hardcore” CrossFit images unless this is your target market
  • Ensure the image resizes correctly on all devices

TIP- Photos from your own box can work really well providing they are professional and high quality images. Why not snap a photo of your trainers in action or your great facilities?

3. Load Time

The speed that your landing page loads can massively impact on its success. In fact, a 1 second delay can result in a 7% reduction in conversions… That’s huge! Expectations are high these days and over half of all web users expect a site to load in 2 seconds or less regardless of which device they are using. Large images, slow loading forms, third party widgets and the structure of the HTML markup are all critical factors. You can and should check the load time of your page on a regular basis to maximize your success, try one of these sites: Web Page Test Google Page Speed Yoast via Analytics

TIP– Using GZIP can significantly speed up your page by compressing files and images without losing quality however your HTML structure is still key. Chat to the Wodsites team for assistance and prices for easy landing page design.

Want to speak with Kody about your website? Schedule a time directly into his calendar for a no obligation website review. SCHEDULE MY CALL

4. Content

Ok, so you got the killer headline, you got the WOW image but what about your content? In digital marketing we use the acronym AIDA for landing page text.


Once you have their attention (with your killer headline), you need to gain their interest, tap into their desire and cause them to take action. The problem is that many CrossFit affiliates haven’t got their content right and this can lead to visitors leaving the page without completing your form.

Content Problems

  • Text too long without bullets or headings
  • A boring or dull writing style
  • No sense of urgency in your tone
  • A confusing sales message throughout
  • No understanding of the target audience

It goes without saying that your content should stop at the “fold”. The fold, in internet speak, is the point before users need to scroll down to read more text. All important and eye catching information should be above the fold, whilst terms and conditions or technical specifications can definitely sit below it! TIP- Always use a professional writer for your web and landing pages – this is not an area where you should be cutting costs. A professional writer will understand how to take your key sales message and turn it into an appealing landing page.

5. The Form

On your landing page you will need to have a capture form of some kind. Usually you will be capturing signups for your CrossFit box so regardless of your offer, this will be your main aim. The landing page form is another area where affiliates come unstuck and this can massively dent your results:

Form Faux Pas

  • Requesting too much information – Only ask for what you need because a long and complicated form will be off-putting to visitors.
  • Giving too many drop down options – Drop downs are great but too much choice on a landing page isn’t good. You don’t want visitors over thinking things… you just want them signed up and FAST!
  • A poor CTA – your form needs to have a good CTA (Call To Action) to compel visitors to complete it. A great CTA might be Get Your Free Month whilst a poor CTA would be Sign Up Now. Focus your readers on the benefits they will receive as soon as they have completed your form.
  • Not mobile optimized– We can’t stress it enough… if your landing page (including its form) isn’t mobile optimized then you WILL lose business!

TIP – Test your forms from all devices and make sure they are quick and easy. Drop any unnecessary questions and aim to grab only the essentials. For more information on marketing your box read this 7 Elements Every CrossFit Affiliate Website Should Have. Wodsites works with professional athletes, top CrossFit boxes and world renowned affiliates to maximize their digital presence. For a free website assessment get in contact with our team. Photography Supplied By reannajanephotography.com.au

Want to speak with Kody about your website? Schedule a time directly into his calendar for a no obligation website review. SCHEDULE MY CALL

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