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Christmas is coming… the shops are starting to fill up with decorations and gifts whilst Christmas themed adverts are appearing on the television. So what about your box? At Wodsites Australia we have tons of awesome digital marketing ideas to share with you so here’s a few for Christmas 2015.

Christmas Landing Page

If you are running a digital promotion for your gym then it may pay to offer a Christmas variation. Whilst not everyone celebrates Christmas you will be tuning in to those who do and showing that your marketing is up to date and relevant. Give your promotion a festive themed header and use some festive gold, red and green. Here are some great layout options you could consider for your landing page;

  1. Gym Landing Page With An Image
  2. Gym Landing Page With A Video
  3. Gym Landing Page With A Video (Alternative)

And if, you’re ready to get an easy-to-edit landing page up before Christmas just reach out for a phone call with us or Sign Up for a new website build.

Push Your Merchandise

Now is a great time to really promote your physical merchandise for example, sportswear or workout equipment. Why not get some Christmas wrapping paper and gift bags and offer it as a free addition for your members. If you don’t have any merchandise right now take a look at our Gym Merchandise Templates which are available to our Website + Marketing subscribers. Be sure to promote your range of merchandise during class briefs and in your Facebook Members group with a timely festive blog piece. Here are some examples of some of the merchandise templates we make available to our clients.

Run A Facebook Contest

Running a Christmas themed Facebook contest can be really effective throughout December especially if it’s one that keeps visitors coming back for more and gets you new members for your box! Try an advent calendar contest using a specialized app like the ones mentioned here. Visitors will be motivated to open a new window each day and you can offer discounts, a free smoothie, a personalized session or perhaps a free ticket to your gyms Christmas party.

Make A Christmas Video

What could be more fun than your staff and trainers making a Christmas video? Make it funny and you will certainly gain some social media traction… add a good CTA (call to action) and you could gain some new members in time for New Year! Add the video to your YouTube channel and website home page for the Christmas period. Here’s some inspiration from CrossFit CKM Middelburg.

Adjust Your Content

You know that when it comes to content marketing you have to be going with the trend and not against it right? If everyone online is talking about Christmas presents, Christmas events and Christmas meal ideas then why are you still blogging on generic fitness topics? By adjusting your content to suit internet searches you will be capturing more of those precious web visitors. Think about headlines like “Healthy Eating For Christmas In 2020” or “Keep Up With Your WOD’s this Christmas”. You can still provide the same information but give it a Christmas spin and use those all important key words. Need some ideas for blog articles? Check out this list of 101 Blog Ideas For Gyms.

Encourage Sharing

Sharing is caring as they say and at Christmas this is really on trend. Offer rewards for social sharing and everyone wins. This December, everyone who refers a new client who signs up will get a discount or a free service or product. It’s a great way to start getting those memberships rolling in this Christmas. You can run official promotions through apps such as WooBox or Wishpond to make sure that you are providing terms and conditions, legally capturing data and presenting your contest in an engaging way. Or use a CRM system like our Total Domination platform that can capture the data and assign them into a proper lead nurturing sequence to automatically send follow up emails and SMS messages to warm those leads up!

Christmas Newsletter

Have you started writing your Christmas newsletter yet? If not then get cracking because time is ticking and you need to hit mailboxes before the 18th December which is often the last working day for professionals to be checking mail. Your Christmas newsletter can include upcoming events for Christmas and New Year (checkout our New Years event recommendations), success stories of the year, special offers for your gym and of course the all important Christmas wishes from you and your team. Make sure that your newsletter is socially sharable and that you include a fun photo of your team… get those Santa hats ready!

Arrange A Community Event

Christmas really should be the time to help others and give back to your community so why not make your gym the pioneer? Here are some fun and healthy ways that you and your members can help the community whilst also promoting your business:

  • Community Clean Up– Get your gym together to clean up an area of your community such as a beach or a park.
  • Help The Elderly– Get your team together for the day to help the elderly members of your community with yard cleaning, chores and DIY
  • Christmas Party – Welcome the community to a BBQ or disco courtesy of your box. Make it Christmas themed and be sure to have plenty of promotional material on hand. Whatever you do make sure you promote it beforehand and take plenty of photos to use afterwards.

Here are some awesome graphic design templates that we have put together for our members. If you want to get your hands on them just reach out and we can get you hooked up.

Christmas eBook

Offer your box members a free gift which won’t cost you a cent! A free eBook to explain different exercises, healthy eating recipes or lifestyle tips will be the perfect gift for someone trying to stay healthy. Chat to the Wodsites team about a beautifully designed Christmas ebook for your members. If you want to gain some social media traction then why not offer the eBook to everyone for free in return for a share or tweet? Check out Pay With A Tweet for more information.

Christmas Covers

Everyone is starting to feel festive so why not make your social media pages a hub of warmth and cheer? The best way to do this is to get a new Facebook Cover  some Christmas covers made for your Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and other networks. Bonus points if you can get some photos of your gym with its Christmas tree or trainers in santa hats! Like this one from our clients at CrossFit Andfit.

Christmas Calendars

Lastly how about a Christmas calendar for your gym? If you donate some of the profits to a charity of your choosing then it is certain to be a hit and might even get you some good media exposure locally.

Feature your members in the images and your sales will go through the roof. We hope you enjoyed our Christmas ideas for your gym and wish you all a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, also check our Gym Marketing Strategies! WodSites will be here throughout the festive period to assist with all your digital marketing needs.

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