Content Marketing Tips to Turn Your Gym’s Blog Into a Lead Machine

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As a gym owner, one of your main ongoing goals is to continue bringing in new leads with the hope of expanding your customer base. Done well though, content marketing, blogging in particular, can do wonders for your gym in terms of generating visibility and building trust among your target audience. In the process of doing so, you’ll also begin generating more leads than you perhaps ever thought possible.

In this article, we’re going to discuss the fundamental steps for using your blog to generate a massive amount of leads that show a high probability of converting.

Create Content With a Purpose

We’re looking at blogging as a way of generating leads. Don’t lose sight of this goal when you sit down and begin creating content for your blog. While it’s definitely important to create content your audience will find highly valuable, you don’t want to neglect the “marketing” side of “content marketing,” either. In other words, you need to ensure that every piece of content you create serves a dual purpose:

  • To provide value to your readers  and
  • To keep them wanting more from you

Taking this a step further, the articles you post on your blog are typically meant to make your target audience aware of your gym. But there’s no point in simply making an individual “aware” of your gym if they don’t do something with this awareness. Again, your goal isn’t to get them to say “Hmm, that’s interesting!”,  then move on with their lives. You want your blog’s content to be the first of many touchpoints for your audience and to inspire them to come to your gym.

Consistently Create Unique and Engaging Content

As we said, your blog is meant to form a long-lasting relationship with your audience – so it becomes a lead generation machine. For this to happen, the content you publish on your blog needs to consistently engage your audience. And this must be done in a way that no other content on the web can. Let’s break down each of these points separately.


A blog provides you with the freedom to publish content whenever you want. However, the best course of action is to stick to a schedule as best you can.  Creating content for your blog on a consistent basis will prove to people that your content is worth diving deeper into in the first place. Also, the more valuable content you post, the more likely your blog is to be picked up by Google’s algorithms. That way your blog is more likely to appear in search results.


With the sheer volume of content that’s published on the web on a daily basis, creating content that’s 100% unique might at first seem like a monumental task. The truth is that nothing is original. But, at the same time, everything can and should be original in some way. You can achieve this in a variety of ways. Perhaps you disagree with most others coaches on a specific topic and are prepared to take an opposing stance via your blog. Or, you might simply have your own unique way of explaining things through your writing. Ultimately, it’s essential that you do something to make your content stand out.


The final part of the content marketing trifecta is in your content’s ability to engage your audience. You need to guide them to the point that they actively want to get even more from you. You want to use your blog as a means of creating an emotional connection with your readers. If, for example, the goal of a piece of content is to help your reader overcome a certain roadblock, you want to convey to them the notion that you truly want to help them succeed. By forging such a connection from your initial touchpoint with your reader, you stand a much greater chance of gaining a customer for life. If you don’t, somebody else will!

You can see examples of Unique and Engaging Content here.

Encourage Audience Engagement

No matter how engaging a piece of content is, there’s no guarantee your audience will take it upon themselves to stick around after they’ve digested the material in question. For this reason, it’s essential that you promote engagement throughout your content. By prompting your audience to take a specific action once they’ve finished reading your content, you create an “open loop” for these individuals. You’re almost certainly familiar with some of the more common ways of promoting engagement via blog post. You’ve probably come across some that ended by saying something like, “Did you enjoy reading this article? Make sure to share it with your friends on Facebook!” Another method of promoting engagement and action from your readers is to ask them to sign up for your mailing list. This will allow you to deliver new and valuable content to their inbox as soon as you publish it. Of course, this also enables you to deliver other marketing-related content to them in the future, as well.

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