The content you DON’T have on your website is costing you members

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Don’t you hate it when you visit a website and it doesn’t have the information you’re looking for? Or when it’s missing that crucial info you need to make a buying decision? We all hate that! And that includes the people visiting your CrossFit Box’s website.

Here’s the hard reality: if people visit your website and don’t get the information they need and want, they WILL go somewhere else.

Komarketing released their B2B Web Usability Report For 2015 and asked thousands of web users: “What is the most common piece of information missing on a vendor’s website?”

56% – Pricing
47% – Contact Info
43% – Reviews
21% – Schedule

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What does this information tell us?

1 – Pricing Like it or not, people are price shopping when they visit your website and if you don’t have your prices on your website, it will cost you enquiries. Doesn’t it annoy you when you are searching for products or services on websites that don’t include the price? It’s naturally one of the first things you want to know when checking out a new product or service, especially since many people associate price with quality. If you want to see all my thoughts on pricing you can WATCH THIS VIDEO but for now let me say this: I believe putting your pricing on your website is super important BUT I also believe that before you show your pricing, you need to show people the value of your service and how it directly benefits them. I’m definitely not advocating having your prices as the first thing new people see on your site; you need to show them what you do and how you’re different from the rest first. There are plenty of people who have the money to spend on CrossFit. Once they’ve seen the value and want to try it out, it makes sense that they’re going to want to see your prices next.

2 – Contact Information If people can’t find your contact information quickly and easily or if they can’t contact you in the way that they want to, they WILL go somewhere else, costing you enquiries and, ultimately, members. I have seen thousands of CrossFit gym websites and I am simply shocked at how many do not have their contact details clearly on the website or don’t have them at all, aside from a contact form. Many have removed their phone numbers (perhaps for their own convenience) without realising that their convenience will ultimately hinder a huge percentage of people from ever enquiring with their box. Side note: don’t complain that you’re not getting enough enquiries if you don’t even pick up your phone when it rings – which, by the way, is most CrossFit gyms I’ve tried to call when travelling and looking for a place to train.

3 – Reviews/Testimonials People don’t just want to hear how awesome you think your service is, they are looking to hear it from other people. They are actively searching for reviews on websites and yet these stats show that nearly half the time they hit a gym’s website they can’t find a single review. If you have an amazing community of people at your gym, you have to do more than tell people about it. You need to ask that community to share their stories. Video your members success stories and achievements, take photos and post reviews. Part of demonstrating the value of your services is showing new people how others are already receiving that value and how they can receive it as well.

4 – Timetable/Schedule People lead busy lives and before they can make a decision if they want to engage with your CrossFit gym they first need to know that they can attend the class times. When people are looking around for a box to go to, they are going to be thinking about how it fits into their schedule. If they can’t find this information on your website chances are they will go to someone who does.

Want to speak with Kody about your website? Schedule a time directly into his calendar for a no obligation website review. SCHEDULE MY CALL

So here are your key take aways and things you can implement:

  1. Understand what content people need to see in order to make a decision to engage with your CrossFit box (service value, pricing, schedule, phone number, location etc.) and make it really easy to find and understand.
  2. Make sure your contact information is easily found on every page of your website. I recommend putting it in both the header and footer of every page. Then make sure the phone number and email are clickable so people can hit them and instantly contact you even from their smartphones.
  3. Get video testimonials from your current members and display these in a prominent position on your website (homepage preferably).
  4. Help your customers comparison shop by showing really clearly what the value of your service is. Consider using clear, easy to read charts and checklists that show exactly what people get so that when they compare you to other gyms, yours shows its true value.
  5. Make navigation as simple as possible so people can find the information they want easily without frustration. I recommend no more than 7 main menu items and limit the pages and content on your website to only what is necessary. And finally,
  6. Incorporate standard website principals like having the logo link back to the homepage so people don’t get lost on your website while trying to navigate.

If you’re still struggling with your website and need to chat it through with someone, feel free to BOOK A TIME IN MY CALENDAR, comment below or contact us. I’d love to help you. As always, if this article has helped you please share it out on your social media profile so we can help more gym owners like you. It would mean a lot to me! Hungry for more? Read this blog about Starting a CrossFit Gym: Which Softwares Should I Use?

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