Two Convincing Reasons Why You Should Show Your Prices On Your Gym’s Website

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Two Convincing Reasons Why You Should Show Your Prices On Your Gym’s Website

Hey guys, Kody Thompson from Wodsites here. One of the questions I get asked all the time is “Should I put the pricing on my CrossFit® gym’s website or not?”

I think the answer is YES! And I know lots of people probably don’t agree with me on that, but I think the answer is yes. And the reason why is… A study by Ko Marketing found when they asked people “What is the thing (content) that lacks on most websites (they visited)?” a huge percentage (I think it was 86%) said that was lacking was seeing the service and product. But the second highest thing, I think it was around 56% (it was 56%), was they lacked seeing pricing on a website.

And I think if you look at your own behaviour that makes sense. If I go to a website and I can’t find the price of something I’m not likely to book it. If i’m looking for a hitel for example, and it doesn’t have the pricing on there. I think to myself, I’m probably going to go with someone else. I’m probably going to enquire with somebody else. And I think it’s the same for your CrossFit website.

I think we should be up front about our prices. But here’s the thing, you need to show people value before you show the price.

I wouldn’t be putting the pricing smack bang in the front of the homepage without showing people why you charge what you charge.

The reality is people have money to spend on the kind of service that you’re offering. The thing is the need to see the value in it. They HAVE the money but they NEED to see the value in it.

You see, we know that it’s much more valuable to do CrossFit training than it is to just go to a normal gym but if you don’t show people that value, then that’s why they think it’s expensive.

The other reason why I would show my pricing on my website, is for me personally, when someone came in for a free trial (if I owned a gym), I would love to know that they’d already seen the price. Then that way when they ask about the membership I don’t have to feel nervous about telling them how much it is. I know that they’ve already seen it and they STILL decided to come in for a free trial class.

So for those reason, that’s why I would put your pricing on your website. If you want more help with marketing your affiliate please reach out at or watch this video about How To Market Your New CrossFit Box Pre-Launch.

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