WARNING: Don’t Use Google Adwords For Your Gym Until You Watch This!

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WARNING: Don’t Use Google Adwords For Your Gym Until You Watch This!

Hey guys, Kody Thompson from WodSites here. Just wanted to film this quick video. We’ve had a few gyms asking us whether or not they should be using Google AdWords to promote their website. And I firstly want to start by saying that Google AdWords are a great way to drive targeted traffic!

The Pro’s Of Google Adwords

The good thing about Google AdWords is that people who is searching on Google for a CrossFit gym are really likely to sign up because the intent of a user searching on Google is usually one who is ready to engage. So they are super-hot leads! That’s the pro.

The Con’s Of Google Adwords (If Poorly Optimised)

The negative of Google Adwords is that in can be super expensive (if you haven’t done your homework optimizing them!). I was speaking to a gym recently in Melbourne and their Google AdWords campaign was costing about twelve dollars per click. That’s pretty expensive considering I can get Facebook clicks through to my website for about fifteen cents!

Obviously that’s a lot of money!

Here’s the bottom line…

When it comes to any paid advertising you need to know what the conversation rate of your website/landing-page is!

If you’re sending someone to your website for twelve dollars but you know a hundred percent of them are signing up for your main offer then it’s a no-brainer… that Google AdWords is working for you!

But if it’s taking you a hundred people to visit your website for one of them to sign up for a free trial then expense of Google AdWords is going to be way too high.

So here’s what you need to do.

Before you set up any Google Ads you need to make sure that your website is converting. You need to have a website that’s set up to convert cold traffic into an enquiry really well and that way you can get the best out of your Google AdWords campaign.

Secondly, for the best results I would recommend sending your Google traffic to a landing page like this one rather than a homepage. A landing page is a dedicated page on your website that is designed to do one thing… generate leads! It has no main menu items and no where else for people to click off to. The only thing that they can do is either sign up for your offer or leave. In that way you can know exactly what your conversation rates are on that page and you’re able to tell whether or not your ads are worth the money that you’re spending or not.

Need some help?

If you would like to speak with someone about getting a great landing page setup for your gym them please click here to book in a free strategy call. Or to jump the queue and get started on a new website with WodSites check out our packages here and go ahead and place an order online.

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