Do I Need A Website And Facebook Page For My Gym?

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Do I Need A Website And Facebook Page For My Gym?

Disclaimer: WodSites is not in any way affiliated with the CrossFit brand.

Hey guys, Kody here. The question is do I need a website if I have a Facebook page that is helping me to sell and promote memberships for my CrossFit gym. So your right, I’ve heard lots of people say that they’ve had a lot of success using their Facebook page to generate traffic and leads for their CrossFit gym but I believe that there’s a couple of really important reasons why you need a website as well as your Facebook page.

The first one is this, I believe that a website really impacts people’s buying decisions. So I think for myself and I think you’d probably agree that if you’re searching for something like a new service online the first thing that most people do is they google it and they check out the website. So if they can’t find you that way I think that definitely impacts whether of not people will come in for a trial with you or whether or not they will buy your service.

I think it’ll also look much more professional to have a website and not just using a Facebook page so I think that definitely affects whether or not people will come into your gym or not. And the third reason would be, I think it affects partnership opportunities. If you’re wanting to connect with other businesses to help promote your business I know from my personal opinion is I wouldn’t connect with a business that had a crap website.

If they wanted me to partner with them or sell their services or encourage my members to be part of their membership base or their client base and they had a really terrible website, there’s no way that I would connect with them. So last I think your Facebook page is really important. I think that Facebook was designed for socializing whereas websites are optimized for conversion, for selling so I think you need to have both in operation not just one. If you have any other thoughts, I’d love to hear what you think.

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