Gym Websites: Your High Performance 24/7 Sales Person

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Gym Websites: Your High Performance 24/7 Sales Person

Gym Websites: Your High Performance 24/7 Sales Person

Let me ask you about your gym website…

Are you happy with the number of new clients your gym is getting per week?

The fact that you’re here suggests you’re not—even though you’ve been hard at work on marketing.

So, what’s the deal? You know you have one of the best gyms around, so why are there not more new clients signing up?

Well, how many qualified leads have you gotten today?

Obviously not enough right? You wouldn’t have trouble getting more people through your gym’s doors if it was.

Well, how would you like to attract more leads per day than you ever thought possible and convert them without having to actively do anything?

Sounds like an awesome deal, right? And that’s exactly what high-converting gym websites can do for you.

Think of it as having a sales and marketing person who works 24 hours a day, seven days a week to get new clients for your gym.

How much better off do you think your business would be if you had something like this at your disposal?

Well, why don’t you find out?

Book a free strategy call with WodSites today, and we’ll help you get started.

By now, you’re probably thinking: “why WodSites? Couldn’t I just hire any other web developer?”

Of course you could. But before you do, you should know that most developers charge anywhere between $5,000 and $10,000 up front. And once the site is built they’ll still want to sign you up on some sort of maintenance package or charge you exorbitant hourly rates every time you need help.

With WodSites, you only need to invest a tiny fraction of that.

But what about site builders like Wix? They’re free, right?

That’s true.

But to build a high-converting website…

…you need to be an expert in a whole number of things:

  1. Web design and development,
  2. UI/UX design,
  3. Sales copywriting,
  4. Digital strategy, and
  5. Conversion rate optimisation.

Unfortunately, site-builders can only help you with the first one.

So, if you really want a website that attracts and converts new clients for you on auto-pilot, book a free strategy call with WodSites now so we can get started.

We’re experts in building gym websites that position your facility as the go-to gym in your area. Book a call today.

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