Content is already King of the digital world but is it about to become the ruler of digital marketing in 2016? At Wodsites, Australia’s number one source of digital expertise for the CrossFit industry we believe so. Here are the ways we think content marketing will rule in 2016 and what you as a box owner need to do about it. Firstly let’s talk about the role of a content writer which has radically changed in the last few years. Your content writer and social media coordinator are now two key players in promoting your box. If you don’t have a content writer then 2016 could be the year when you fix it- speak to our team about bespoke content for your site.

Content Marketer Tasks Now Includes:

  • Creating engaging headlines & articles
  • Respinning content for multiple uses
  • Creating content for social media engagement
  • Creating engaging thought leadership content
  • Understanding audience demographics and how to appeal to them
  • Working with third parties to showcase content

So here are our top three predictions and our marketing tips for your box in 2016.

1. Content May Replace Ads

End users are getting smarter when it comes to the ads they see across their favourite sites and with ad blocker becoming increasingly popular in 2015 advertisers are already exploring other methods. If you are heavily relying on Google Adwords then you may need to rethink your strategy. The focus is now on providing content that people actually want to see and that doesn’t always mean paid ads. Similarly when it comes to social networking sites, many marketers are moving away from traditional adverts and heading towards thought leadership and storytelling. Expect to hear those buzzwords a lot more in 2016.

TIP- Evaluate your existing ads budget, analyse the results and the CPA (Cost Per Acquisition). If it isn’t working favourably then consider switching your budget to content based marketing.

2. Content Will Be Repackaged More

When you think about content marketing are you thinking about blogging? Blogging still holds a valuable place in the content world but there is so much more value that can now be obtained from one piece of content. Let’s say you write 500 words to promote your box and you publish it to your site… what else can you do? You can respin the content several times to place it elsewhere without causing an SEO (search engine optimization) conflict. You can also turn the content into an infographic. Add to this the possibilities of localizing content in different languages to attract your key demographics and you really are making your content work for you. Actually, whilst this creates more work, it does also mean that you get more bang for your buck when it comes to content expenditure because one piece can be used for ten or more different functions.

TIP- Infographics are set to get bigger in 2016 but remember that you do need good content to begin with… it’s not all about graphic design! Speak with Wodsites for the perfect Design + Content package for your box.

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3. Content Will Be The New SEO

Each time Google updates Penguin we see more crackdowns on policy violation. We also see Google leaning heavily towards high quality content. This means that if your site is still all about links, advertising and keywords and not all about engaging and high quality content then your rankings will start to suffer. By the end of 2016 digital marketers will have had to completely rethink link building strategies and head back to the effective methods employed by excellent content marketers. We are seeing more and more weight to the argument for content centric SEO which also factors in graphics, social media, video, blogging and content based advertising. Talking of video… did you know that by the end of 2016 ¾ of all internet traffic will be for videos? WOW! TIP- This doesn’t mean that you will not need an SEO expert on hand but it does mean that your SEO expert will need to start working closely with your writer to achieve great results.

Wodsite’s Marketing Tips For 2016

  • Content marketing and storytelling will start to replace banner ads- make sure you are ready with a good strategy.
  • Email marketing will factor in more infographics, videos and gifs – chat to our team for assistance on creating the perfect email template for your box.
  • Increase the use of infographics in your blogs and social media posts- the use of infographics jumped by 69% to 76% in 2015
  • Make sure your blog is mobile friendly and responsive- 69% of all traffic is now mobile!
  • Keep your blog content engaging and sharable – always have social sharing in mind when you create content.
  • Start investing in video marketing to improve ROI (return on investment) – think about the new 360 video opportunities offered by Facebook.
  • Use live broadcasting and start publishing webinars – experiment with Periscope
  • Start sharing videos to Facebook which already sees 8 billion video views a day… think about it!
  • Think about the virtual reality opportunities which may arise from Facebook Oculus in 2016.
  • Start utilizing Pinterest and Instagram’s “Buy” pins wherever possible for physical merchandise.
  • Inbound messaging jumped up by 32% this year – is your brand ready to respond?
  • Start exploring ebooks and case studies- 2016 consumers will be hungry for powerful, useful and free content.
  • Think functional and responsive when it comes to website design because consumers are leaning more and more towards efficiency over effect.
  • Start building connections with similar businesses online and create collaborative content marketing opportunities.

We hope you enjoyed reading about how content will rule in 2016, to know more about Content Marketing read our 10 Ideas To Power Up Your Social Media. Remember at Wodsites in Australia we offer graphic design, website design, content writing and social media management to the best boxes and athletes in the world. Speak to our team now about your content strategy.

Want to speak with Kody about your website? Schedule a time directly into his calendar for a no obligation website review. SCHEDULE MY CALL

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