Is Your Website Good Or Is Your Designer Full Of It?

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Is Your Website Good Or Is Your Designer Full Of It?

One of the things I get a lot is people telling me, “I already have a fantastic website”, and I think some people think they have a good website when they really don’t, so I want to settle the score on what actually makes the best CrossFit website.

Number One: Your website should generate traffic

If you want to have the best website for your CrossFit affiliate, you need to have a well set up blog and it needs to be generating traffic to that website. If it’s not doing that and it can’t be found on search engines, then it’s not a good website.

Number Two: Your website should generate enquiries

If no one is contacting you through your website then although your designer might have told you that your website is good, if you’re not getting enquiries, it’s not a good website. The best CrossFit websites are geared toward attracting enquiries from potential new members.

Number Three: Your website should streamline your sales process

People should be able to go to your website and find all the information about your CrossFit gym they need to make a decision whether or not they want to come to your gym or not. If it’s not doing that, you don’t have a good website.

Number Four: Your website should generate revenue for your business...

…by selling online products, like merchandise for your gym. Those sorts of things should be done through your website as well.

Number Five: Your website needs to be mobile responsive

Over 50% of all Google Searches now-days come from mobile devices. Non-responsive websites miss out on a ton of traffic. Your website should fit on any device that a potential customer might use to search your business online.

Number Six: Your website should systemise your free offer

People should be able to book your offer directly through your website to come in for that next step to getting engaged with your CrossFit gym, whether it’s a free trial class or week, free consultation or another valuable offer. If your CrossFit gym website is not doing that, it’s not doing it’s job! These things are so important with growing your business, so make sure you know what it really takes to have the best CrossFit website you can!

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