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CrossFit® is no longer a sporting niche where your mediocre old website can grab attention and catch new box signups. CrossFit® is now a global phenomenon with thousands of International boxes competing online to win new memberships. So how can you beat the competition and turn web visitors into box members? Check out our top three tips to make it happen and now!

A Landing Page

A landing page is a single page website without any navigation and it will include a capture form. Landing pages rock the CrossFit® world because they cut straight to the point… this is what we are offering… sign up and get it right now! Many web visitors will wander around your site without signing up but a landing page doesn’t allow for all that. Whether you want to get signups or capture contact details, you can tailor your page to your visitors. You can make as many landing pages as you want and the more targeted pages you have running the greater your responses will be.

➢  Use short and straight to the point content writing

➢  Use a stunning graphic as your header image

➢  Make sure your capture form is easy and prominent

➢  Experiment with different styles and messages

➢  Tailor your landing page for your offer or promotion

➢  Keep it simple and uncluttered with no distractions

➢  Link to your landing pages from fitness & nutrition forums

Here are some ideas for landing pages we have used with clients before:

  • Special offer for mother’s with young children promoting a mother’s class with free child minding.
  • Special offer for military and support service men and women.
  • Promote registration for a Come & Try CrossFit® day at your gym.
  • Promote competition registration.
  • Special offer for high school and college students.
  • Special offer for football players or other sports players.

The reason landing pages are so powerful is that you can target your pages directly to the needs of a specific audience and then drive specific traffic to the page. For example, you can use Facebook to target your advertising at the exact type of people that you want to hear your message and then have that message specifically designed for them – this is known as Direct Marketing. This is a hundred times more effective than indirect marketing techniques.

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Contacts For Your Box

Your website should be filled with clear call to action (CTA) messages and the main one should be your contact details. Make sure there is always a contact tab visible on your site menu so that wherever your visitor navigates he can easily reach you with just one click. In your contact page make sure you have a contact form, your street address, telephone and email. However it doesn’t end there… here are a few things to consider when it comes to contact details:

➢ Who will answer the phone? – Your trainers will probably not have the time to dedicate to new enquiries so make sure it’s the owner, manager or receptionist who handles the calls and converts the enquiry to a membership.

➢ Who checks the emails? – Typically web users expect an answer within 24 hours when they submit an enquiry online so who is checking and responding to your emails? It may help you to have some ready prepared email templates containing information such as membership prices, schedules, opening hours and CrossFit® information. Personally I use Yesware, where I can save email templates as well as a lot of other cool email tracking techniques. Having canned responses does not mean that you will not personalise your responses but it will speed up your operation if you have some canned responses ready. It will also help to eliminate rushed grammar and spelling errors which may deter potential members.

Keep Your Photos Real

Your content is critical to your success but so is your design. In particular the images you use on your site, landing pages and any associated digital efforts are critical. Today web visitors are getting bored with stock photography… let’s be honest we’ve all seen the 100 or so good CrossFit® stock images available on Shutterstock! These are not real and when it comes to CrossFit® they do not reflect the “everyone can do it” ethos which will get you more members. Don’t be lazy… photos speak volumes so follow these tips for effective web conversion:

➢    Invest in a high quality camera

➢    Take action shots at competitive events

➢    Show teamwork, friendship and fun

➢    Show a variety of body shapes, sizes and ages

➢    Feature your beautiful box, equipment & facilities

➢    Feature images of your actual trainers in action

➢    Include a few short fun videos on your site

Learn more by reading this article “101 Tasks You Can Outsource to Virtual Staff to Grow Your CrossFit Affiliate“. For more information on marketing your box, increasing signups and getting noticed contact the team at WodSites.

Want to speak with Kody about your website? Schedule a time directly into his calendar for a no obligation website review. SCHEDULE MY CALL

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