Improve Team Communication With Voxer

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Improve Team Communication With Voxer

Improve Team Communication With Voxer

Running A Gym

Like most gyms. My team is not always in the same place at the same time. This can make stay connected and communicating challenging when you are running a gym.

When everyone is busy, finding time for a phone conversation is nearly impossible and chatting back and forward on Facebook messenger or SMS just takes way too much time.

Sending emails is probably the most ineffective way to communicate, so I wasn’t even going to consider that as an option.

What I needed was a voice messaging solution. I tried iMessage but it only works for apple users. I tried Facebook Messenger but it only allows for 60 second recording time for voice messages. And again, both of these options are not safe to use while you drive the car.

After trying almost everything I was lost. Until I stumbled across the Holy Grail of phone apps.

In this first episode of Gym Tech I’m going to show you my #1 phone app that helps me to stay connected with my team when I’m on the move and literally saves me at least an hour or two’s work everyday. It’s called Voxer.

Think of Voxer like turning your phone into a walkie talkie.

All you do is click the button on the centre of the phone to send a voice message of up to 15 minutes. Then your team-member can listen to the message when they have a spare moment and send you back a message. You can also create group chats. Send photographs and send text messages all from within the app.

Right now, I use this to communicate regularly with my PA, to do things like transcribe email responses, add notes to a client account after a sales call, book things in my calendar or general instructions and feedback to my team.

So, what are the details?

Well, it’s Free. And it’s available on both android and apple devices. Download it today and check it out.

So that’s it guys. The one phone app that could save you hundreds of hours this year and help you to run a more profitable and effective gym.

If you think this tool could help you to run your gym or if you have a tech tool you use that you’d love me to check out please reach out to me at If you are interested in connecting to talk about your website then book a time in with one of us here at WodSites.

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