How To Market Your New Gym Pre-Launch

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How To Market Your New Gym Pre-Launch

Hi guys, Kody Thompson from WodSites here. In this short video, I want to teach you about how to run a Pre-Launch for your new gym that will be starting soon. So, I’m gonna assume a couple of things firstly before I go into the marketing side of things. Obviously if you are starting a CrossFit® gym you need to have your registration/affiliation with CrossFit®. You need to buy your domain name. You need to set up your emails and then you need to have a logo.

Once you’ve got those things, what I’d do next is, I would set up all of my social media accounts so I’ve got all those names reserved. Even the social media accounts that you don’t think you’re gonna use, I would set ALL of them up just in case you want them in the future.

Then what I would do is set-up a landing page. A landing page: like a coming soon page on my domain name. So if it was, I would set up a landing page on there that basically says, “COMING SOON”. You could have a video on there of yourself or even just a positioning statement (like a one sentence statement that talks about what your gym’s gonna stand for). And then I’d have on there a form where people can submit details for expressions of interest. If it was me, I would probably put an offer with that expression of interest. So for example: put your details in and you’ll be giving away 12 months of free training to one special member… something like that.

Then, what I would do is hit the streets. So I’d use your networks… if you were a PT before you started your CrossFit® gym I’d obviously be using those members. But use whatever networks you have; from sporting clubs, from business connections, whatever it is. And I’d I’d be starting to drum up interest and sending them to that page where they can opt in to stay in the loop for all the information about the new box you’ll be starting. The reason why this is a good idea is, if you don’t get any expressions of interest, it’s probably a sign that this business venture that you’re going on is not going to work. So it’s a good way to test it before you spend a whole bunch of money. And then also, if you got tons of expressions of interest, it’s obviously a good sign for your launch.

So what I’d do to drum up interest is, I would be doing stuff like free events. You could do weekend boot camps or at mental health week you could speak in schools, whatever it is, it depends on what your target audience is. But do something that’s going to generate traffic on to that site.

Once you’ve built up a database, you can then start nurturing those leads. So you can put out blog content and video content and get them involved in the whole process of starting the gym. And then ultimately when you’re ready to launch, you can make an initial offer to those foundation members. Maybe you could discount that for the foundation members (with a time limit if you wanted to), otherwise, you could just simply send out an introductory offer to those initial member at what you normally charge for any other membership. So that’s pretty much what I would do. If you have any other ideas, I’m sure there’s a billion ideas that you could use, obviously facebook advertising and lots of other things you could do to launch your gym.

So, if you have any ideas, put the comments below. I’d love to hear your thoughts on pre-sell or pre launch for you CrossFit® memberships. If you want more help with marketing your affiliate please reach out at or watch this video about 5 Things You Must Have Before Getting A New CrossFit Website.

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