Why SSL Certificate is important for your WordPress Site

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What is SSL?

SSL is the standard security technology used to establish a safe link between a web server and browser, ensuring all data transferred between them remains private. SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer and is also referred to as TLS (or Transport Layer Security). Millions of websites use SSL encryption every day to ensure website connections are secure and to keep customer’s data safe from monitoring and tampering. SSL is visible to users in the website address bar. Here’s how to identify it:

  1. A green lock icon and security signature in the browser bar
  2. The website address starting with https://

Here’s what it looks like:

We highly recommend using an SSL Certificate on your website; here’s why:

  1. Security

    Safety first. Ensuring that no one is intercepting your web traffic, as well as preventing data theft and unauthorised tampering, is a critical factor in creating a safer, better internet and establishing a trustworthy online presence for your business. Encrypting the data exchanged between the servers and browser keeps it secure from ‘eavesdroppers’, meaning that while the user is browsing your website, nobody can “listen” to their conversations, track their activities across multiple pages, or steal their information. 

  2. Trust

    By displaying the green lock image, site visitors’ automatically feel more secure in browsing your website. It’s become the norm for established companies to use SSL on their sites, and visitors now expect to see proof that they are on a secure connection to the site they wanted to visit. The SSL Certificate proves to anyone browsing your site that they are, in fact, communicating with the intended website and that your website (and therefore, company) is legitimate, safe and trustworthy, thereby protecting users from man-in-the-middle attacks and increasing the credibility of your business.

  3. Search Ranking Boost

    Google doesn’t let many of their secrets out of the bag when it comes to how they determine site ranking in their search engine but they have been proactive in encouraging web users to adopt SSL certificates on their website. Why? Google ranks sites that have SSL Certificates higher in search results because they want to encourage everyone to do their part in making the internet a safer, better place to browse. Click here to read the official blog from GoogleWhile the boost to SEO is currently not huge, it is almost certainly going to increase. Google has said, “over time, we may decide to strengthen it because we’d like to encourage all website owners to switch from HTTP to HTTPS to keep everyone safe on the web.” Google is after a more secure web experience. In reality, this means: it’s going to happen, get ready now.

  4. Financial Compliance

    Financial institutions and online stores that collect credit card details must comply with regulations and adopt SSL on their websites (another reason why all those big companies have already begun using SSL). You cannot legally take people’s credit card details on your website without SSL. This means if you have, or are planning to have, any kind of online store (whether selling memberships or products), you need to have an SSL Certificate to prove that you are allowed to receive people’s personal details and that you are providing a secure online experience for your users.

Help! I need SSL, what do I do?

It’s not expensive to set up an SSL certificate. For only $99 a year, WodSites clients enjoy the benefits of an SSL Certificate on their site – and we set it up for you for free. Contact us to secure your site today! For more information on SSL certificates here are some helpful LINKS, To know more about Google Apps check this article about What Is Google Apps And How Can It Help Your CrossFit Gym?

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