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Google Analytics and other tools can tell you a lot about what viewers do once they reach your Box’s website, including which pages they click, the flow from one page to another, conversions, etc. But what do buyers actually want from your website? What pieces of information are most important to potential customers when they visit a CrossFit Gym’s website? And what content is lacking on our websites that will cause potential customers to leave our websites without enquiring? In 2015, a B2B Web Usability Report by Huff Industrial Marketing, KoMarketing, & BuyerZone looked into some of these questions. They surveyed thousands of web users and asked: “When you get to a vendor’s website, which section of the site do you look at first?” The users were allowed to tick several elements and here are the results. 86% of people look for services/products – By far the most ticked element was services and products. People need to be able to quickly identify exactly what your service is and how it can help them. This means the highest priority real estate on your website is the area “above the fold” (meaning the first part of your website that users see on a desktop or browser when they land on your homepage) and it must explain your services in jargon-free terms and highlight your key benefits quickly and clearly. My Advice: Your homepage written copy (particularly the main headline) should clearly express what you do and your core benefit so that people can quickly obtain this information the moment they reach your website. If you don’t have a video of your box which highlights your service with a mashup of some client reviews then get one made. Then put that ‘above the fold’. It must be immediately clear exactly what you’re offering and how it’s better or different compared to everyone else’s. Here are a couple of examples of how you could make that top section look:

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64% of people look for Contact Information – A fairly obvious requirement for your gym’s website but still… people need to be able to find where you are located, how to phone you and how to contact you via email and social media within a moment of hitting your website. If they can’t, they won’t take your business seriously and they WILL contact someone else. Seriously, wouldn’t you? My Advice: Add your contact information in the header (the very top section) and footer (the very bottom section) of your website. That way it will be automatically shown on all pages no matter where a visitor may roam on your site. Make these pieces of contact information ‘clickable’ so people can simply hit your number from their smartphone and have it dial you, or hit your email to shoot you a message without having to re type the information into a separate app or dial pad. The easier you make it for people the more enquiries you will get. Here’s what it could look like:

52% of people look for About Us / Team – People are hungry to connect with human brands. Simon Sinek once said, “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” When people visit your website they don’t just want to know what you do, they want to know who you are and why you do what you do. My Advice: Get on to making that video I mentioned above. If a picture tells a thousand words, a high quality video of you, your coaches and your members can tell many, many more. That video will help sell your passion, your message, your ethos and your value before buyers move on to other areas of your site. Video is easy to digest too, so people don’t get stuck reading loads of text. Once you’ve done that, get proper photos taken of all your coaches. And, yes, I mean with your uniform on, against the same background and shot with a decent camera (not random shots you grabbed from their social media). Then put these on your homepage with a very short blurb (NOT their life story). Here’s an example of how this could look…

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27% of people want to see Testimonials – Showing testimonials on your website builds credibility with buyers. They want to see that you have helped people like them before. If you have it helps buyers to relate your service to their needs and makes it much more likely that they will engage with you. My Advice: Select a small group of your favourite clients (what I mean by favourite is: the kinds of clients that you like to work with and would like more of) then shoot a short video of each of them and display these on the homepage with a nice picture of them. For an example of how you can lay this page out visit our REVIEWS PAGE to see how we have done ours.

12% of people want to see Social Media – Social media now plays a huge role in a buyers research process. 78% of those surveyed admitted that their buying decisions were impacted by what companies share on their social media platforms and a whopping 57% said that they actively use social media to investigate companies before they buy. It’s no wonder that Social Media ranked among the highest things people wanted to see on your CrossFit Gym’s website. My Advice: Do the same as your contact information and put it in the header and footer of your website. Take a look at your social media profiles and try to think like an ‘outsider’ or complete newbie. Does your page look appealing to the uninitiated? Does it carry the same values and message as your brand? Is it clear what services you are providing and how you stand out? Call To Actions – So now that you know what people are looking for when they visit your gym’s website and you’ve gone ahead and implemented the above tips into your homepage, there’s one thing left to do… Make sure your homepage has really clear “next steps” for people to take to engage with you. In marketing these are known as Call To Actions or CTA’s. Throughout your homepage make sure all your sections point back to your ‘next step’ offer. Eg: your free trial class/week, free consultation etc. It seems silly at first to keep reminding people what the next step is but the reality is when people are ready to get started they want the button to be only a short scroll away. So, make sure it is and you will increase enquiry rate. Here’s an example of a call to action section:

When the homepage is finished it should look a little something like some of these WodSites demo’s:

At WodSites, we continually keep up to date with web trends to make sure we understand what affects a buyer’s decision to engage with you. This means any site you get through us has been specifically designed to help you get more customers at your CrossFit affiliate. To check out our service simply visit our homepage. P.S If the article helped you make sure you share it out on social media so it can help others as well! It’ll also help us to reach more people too. Still want to grab more knowledge? Check this article about Why SSL Certificate is important for your WordPress Site.

Want to speak with Kody about your website? Schedule a time directly into his calendar for a no obligation website review. SCHEDULE MY CALL

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