Who says working out has to be all about the work and no play?

Because we all deserve a pat on the back after a WOD, it’s ok to have a few drinks from time-to-time! That’s why Barbells & Beer is a great opportunity for you and your community to have a drink, eat some great food, and build some solid camaraderie in your gym. After all, let’s face it, who doesn’t like a little post workout celebration? Barbells & Beer is the perfect opportunity for your members to unwind, bond, and show the world how to earn your beers.

As part of our Website + Marketing package our clients receive the following designs customized to their brand and content:

1. A3 Print Ready Poster
2. A4 Print Ready Poster
3. A5 Print Ready Poster
4. Web Optimized Flyer (For use in emails and on the web)
5. Facebook Event Banner
6. Social Media Image

You will also receive the following content to help you promote the event:

  • Sample text for the flyer design
  • Facebook page post template – for promoting the event on your Facebook page.
  • Facebook group post template – for promoting the event in your member Facebook group.
  • EDM (electronic direct mail) e-mail template – for emailing out to your members

Here’s what it will look like:

Want to use this flyer template? New templates like this are released every month to our members along with tons of other benefits. If you’re not a member yet, you need to be! CLICK HERE to watch a complete demo of our services and then SIGN UP to get access to these marketing solutions and much more.

Here’s how to run the event:

You have the choice with an event like this to keep it really simple or go all out. It could be as simple as having some quiet beers at the gym after a great workout on a Friday night OR you could start with some quiet ones at the gym and then take it out to the town for a bit of a pub tour. For now, let’s assume we’re going all out!

  • First let’s talk about the WOD. You can’t have a Barbells & Beers event without a decent barbell workout. Cindy won’t cut it guys. Instead, do something where your members get to throwdown some weight… I’m thinking DT.
  • Once the workout is sorted, let’s think about the quiet drinks at the box immediately following the workout. We want to keep it family friendly at this point, so hold the beer pong for later on! We’re going to need to organise an esky and ice and a good selection of beers. If you can, try and source some local craft beers to keep things interesting and perhaps have some beer sampling.
  • We’re going to need a good playlist of music for the workout and for the drinks at the box as well. Most gyms already have music setup for the workouts, so this should be a simple one to set up.
  • Next, let’s have some food. Nothing goes with beer like MEAT! So let’s get a BBQ happening. Obviously, we will need to organise all the meat, the BBQ, cooking utensils, oil, sauce, and any greenery and salads for the food as well.
  • I am big on keeping at least the start of this event family friendly so that all of your members can enjoy the event. To do that, we need to consider families with kids. To provide an atmosphere for the families to have a great time, we need to help provide some entertainment for the kids. If you have a CF Kids coach, I would recommend paying them to run some fun fitness games with the kids while the parents can hang out. But, if that’s a bit overkill, we have a basketball hoop and a TV with a movie on for the little ones.
  • Ok, so all the activities at the box are done. Next, we need an itinerary for our pub tour. Have one of your team head online to something like TripAdvisor and find the highest rated pubs and drinking spots in the local area. Pick a few different venues and come up with a bit of an itinerary. Tally up any entry fees and make sure you include that in the price of the event, or communicate that to your members so they bring adequate cash to get them in to all the venues.
  • Next, hire transport. There is going to be a fair bit of drinking going on and we want to (and legally need to) do everything we can to keep our members safe while they drink. To do this, we need to provide transport to and from the venue and our members’ homes. I recommend you hire minibuses or find members with people movers and set aside some designated drives to look after the transport. Not only will this protect your members, it will also help create an awesome atmosphere with everyone staying together as a group throughout the night.
  • Once we have all of the above details, we can create a budget and make a decision on how we are going to pay for the event. You could take cash from your members up front and pay the venues in one lump some, or you could charge your members just for the event at the box and the transport to and from the venues and then leave the rest of the entry fees and drinks up to the members. Either is fine; just work out what works best for you and make sure you don’t over promise numbers to the venues and end up being out of pocket for the event.
  • To take the event to another level, you could also come up with a bunch of games throughout the night to keep the night interesting.
  • Last but not the least, remember to organise a designated photographer for the night to make the most out of Social Media. The images you take at the event can be uploaded on Facebook and used on Instagram. Tagging your members in these social media posts and encouraging them to share the photos can create a ton of traffic and interests from the friends of your members.

Promoting the event:

When running an event for your members, it’s important to communicate the details of the event early to give your members the best opportunity to come and invite their friends and family. Here’s how I recommend you promote the event:

  1. Create an event on your Facebook page and share it in your members group.
  2. Write the content you need for the flyer template.
  3. Get the flyer designed by our design team here at WodSites.
  4. Brief all your coaches on the event so that they can promote it at the start and end of class.
  5. Ask your members to invite their friends and families.
  6. If you are collecting the money upfront, then you could consider taking registrations online on your WodSites website.
  7. Send out an email through your CRM (Client Relation Management) System to all your members to promote the event.
  8. Encourage your members to wear your gym merch on the day, with prizes for people decked out in the gym merch.
  9. Organise printing of your posters and display them at the gym.
  10. Organise some small flyers for the members to take home and put on the fridge or to invite family and friends.
  11. Set tasks to send out reminders of the event as the event gets closer or build out an automation in your CRM System to automatically send out your reminders.

Want to use this flyer template?

It’s simple. If you’re a member of the Website + Marketing subscription here at WodSites then all you need to do is click the button below to download the Word Document, complete the content in the document and email it to us at [email protected]. We’ll edit up the flyer for you and send it back to you within a week.If you’re not a member yet, you need to be! New templates like this are created all the time for our members along with tons of other benefits. CLICK HERE to watch a complete demo of our services and then SIGN UP to get access to these marketing solutions and much more.

Not a member yet? New templates like this are released every month to our members along with tons of other benefits. If you’re not a member yet, you need to be! CLICK HERE to watch a complete demo of our services and then SIGN UP to get access to these marketing solutions and much more.

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