“Back in the Ronald Reagan days, When we put satellites in space, When boys wore skinny leather ties Like Don Johnson from Miami Vice”

Do those lyrics sound familiar? CLICK HERE TO LISTEN… Now we’ve got that song nicely lodged in your head, we’re going to tell you why a “Retro Week” is going to fill your gym with laughter, fun and probably a ton of new members too!

In this month’s release of Gym Design we are releasing design templates to promote and run yourown Retro Week and take your gym back to the 80’s. As part of our Website + Marketing package our clients receive the following designs customized to their brand and content:

1. A3 Print Ready Poster
2. A4 Print Ready Poster
3. A5 Print Ready Poster
4. Web Optimized Flyer (For use in emails and on the web)
5. Facebook Event Banner
6. Social Media Image

You will also receive the following content to help you promote the event:

  • Sample text for the flyer design
  • Facebook page post template – for promoting the event on your Facebook page.
  • Facebook group post template – for promoting the event in your member Facebook group.
  • EDM (electronic direct mail) e-mail template – for emailing out to your members

Here’s what it will look like:

Want to use this flyer template? New templates like this are released every month to our members along with tons of other benefits. If you’re not a member yet, you need to be! CLICK HERE to watch a complete demo of our services and then SIGN UP to get access to these marketing solutions and much more.

Here’s how to run the event:

Right now at the WodSites office we are so pumped about 80’s week and it isn’t even our event! Here are some of the best ideas from our team:

  • Play 80’s music all week during all classes.
  • If you have a television display at your gym then play 80’s movies all day long on that bad boy.
  • Have an 80’s dress code for Friday night’s WOD… leotards, medallions, wigs, let’s do it!
  • Give out awards for the best costume, most hilarious 80’s WOD participant or best 80’s singer
  • Decorate your box in an 80’s theme… disco ball, cut outs of 80’s movie stars and loads of fluorescent colours!
  • Organise an 80’s inspired aerobics class… bonus points for making it sponsored for charity or for the dude who wears the best lycra leggings!
  • Organise an 80’s disco or BBQ after your Friday night WOD, remember to open it up to friends and family
  • Keep a dressing up box of spare 80’s accessories for any members who forgot.. There’s no escaping the 80’s!
  • Set up an 80’s themed photo booth and make sure your members are posting and tagging on social media. Be sure to have someone on site to take some great team photos too. And by the way, not the coach… they’ve still got to coach an awesome class.
  • Nothing says 80’s like karaoke so why not host a karaoke party after hours on the Friday night… Eye of The Tiger anyone?

Promoting the event:

Everyone loves the 80’s so promoting your 80’s week on social media should be a piece of pie. The key is to get your followers and fans involved in the fun. That way, if they didn’t join your gym yet, they soon will and so will their friends! Here’s what you need to do to promote your “Back to the 80’s Week” event:

  1. Create a budget to set the cost of the event, remember to think about food, costumes, decorations and props.
  2. Write the content you need for the flyer
  3. Get the flyer designed by our design team here at WodSites
  4. Decide if you will charge for the Friday night segment and set up a payment form on your website or through a third party application like Eventbrite.
  5. Brief all the coaches on the event so that they can promote it at the start and end of class.
  6. Create your Facebook event with all the information including cost, time and booking links for registrations.
  7. Post the event in your members Facebook group and keep your Instagram page updated.
  8. Post 80’s teasers, songs, movie excerpts and childhood photos of your coaches in the run up to the event. Why not play “guess the coach” with your fans?
  9. Ask your fans to help you choose your 80’s music and movie playlist
  10. Set up an email campaign that goes out every day during 80’s week promoting Friday night and sharing any classic 80’s content you can dish out.
  11. Organise printing of your posters and display them at the gym.
  12. Organise some small flyers for the members to take home and put on the fridge or to invite family and friends.
    Set tasks to send out reminders of the event as the event gets closer.

Want to use this flyer template?

It’s simple. If you’re a member of the Website + Marketing subscription here at WodSites then all you need to do is click the button below to download the Word Document, complete the content in the document and email it to us at [email protected]. We’ll edit up the flyer for you and send it back to you within a week.

Not a member yet? New templates like this are released every month to our members along with tons of other benefits. If you’re not a member yet, you need to be! CLICK HERE to watch a complete demo of our services and then SIGN UP to get access to these marketing solutions and much more.

Want more marketing ideas like this?

We have a whole suite of marketing ideas like this one and we’ll gladly share them with you. To get access to all our Event marketing ideas please email [email protected] and will send you links to our complete list of event ideas. In the meantime, here are some more ideas you might like.