Who says skateboarding is only for teenagers!? Jump on board (pun intended) a Skate Day event and run this fun family event to build community and improve retention in your gym.

Getting your members out of the gym to use their fitness in the real world is what CrossFit is all about. The Skate Day event is a creative way that you can program a fun team workout that all your members and their friends and family can enjoy. It’s a great event to run because it’s fun and flexible, plus it doesn’t have to cost you or your members much money. You can encourage participants to bring their own boards or hire a few from your nearest skate shop to boost numbers. On this page you will find a template flyer for the Skate Day + Team Workout event plus some recommendations on how to make this event a smash hit.

In this month’s release of Gym Design we are releasing design templates to promote and run your own Skate Day & Team Workout event. As part of our Website + Marketing package our clients receive the following designs customized to their brand and content:

1. A3 Print Ready Poster
2. A4 Print Ready Poster
3. A5 Print Ready Poster
4. Web Optimized Flyer (For use in emails and on the web)
5. Facebook Event Banner
6. Social Media Image

You will also receive the following content to help you promote the event:

  • Sample text for the flyer design
  • Facebook page post template – for promoting the event on your Facebook page.
  • Facebook group post template – for promoting the event in your member Facebook group.
  • EDM (electronic direct mail) e-mail template – for emailing out to your members

Here’s what it will look like:

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Here’s how to run the event:

There are a lot of ways that you could run a Skate Day event, but for this example I am going to recommend that we focus on running a Saturday Morning Skating session that involves a team workout followed by a breakfast. Here’s how it could work:

  • Firstly, we need to plan the our event around the best spot for our skating session. Where I’m from, there are beautiful beaches with bike tracks along the water so I would use a location like that. For you, it could be a bike track along a river or through some gardens. The key is it needs to be somewhere with plenty of flat surfaces and not a lot of other traffic. It also needs to be a location that can involve some team challenges and WOD components.
  • Next, we need to arrange a clear start time. How about meeting at 8:00am to grab your boards or arrange board hire with a kickoff at 8:15am. Make sure you have a clear location that people know and provide details of how to get there, parking and potential cost of board hire.
  • Then we need to arrange Skateboards for the event. Is there a local skate shop that can provide the boards for hire? Or, do you have some old school members who have a few spare lying around. It goes without saying… but having skateboards for a skate day is, well, critical!!!
  • Once we’ve kicked off to skate we could arrange a challenge every 1 km of skating. These could utilise body weight movements, kettlebells, awkward object carries, fireman carries etc. Or you might even be able to utilise your surroundings such as sand dunes or benches etc. In some locations, like the waterfront near my place, you will actually have community gym equipment along the bike track such as pull up bars, push up benches and dip bars. They will even have markers on the track sometimes to mark the distances you have travelled.
  • After that, let’s sort out the gear we need for the challenges. Anything we need for the challenges needs to be brought down from the gym and arranged at the different locations for the challenges. Remember, it’s entirely possible to run this event without any gear. But it’s up to you on how you want to program those challenges. If you are bringing gear down make sure you keep a list of everything that was taken so you can do a stock take before leaving the event to make sure all the gear that goes down makes it back to the gym.
    You will need transport sorted for the gear and any coaches or members who can assist you in bringing the gear down and running the challenges.
  • After the skate we need a place to get some food. The easiest option is to find a nice cafe at the end of the route you can all go to and get something to eat. Make sure you contact the venue ahead of time and reserve enough space for you and your members.
  • Lastly, let’s think about the vibe that we want for the event. Let’s try and keep the costs low and the vibe ultra-social to encourage new friendships and potentially meet some future members.

Promoting the event:

  1. Create an event on your Facebook page and share it in your members group.
  2. Write the content you need for the flyer template.
  3. Get the flyer designed by our design team here at WodSites.
  4. Post on your facebook page and other social media. Ask your followers to share to boost numbers or add a comment if they are coming along.
  5. Brief all your coaches on the event so that they can promote it at the start and end of class.
  6. Ask your members to invite their friends and families.
  7. If you are hiring boards and you are collecting the money upfront, then you could consider taking registrations online on your WodSites website.
  8. Send out an email through your CRM (Client Relation Management) System to all your members to promote the event.
  9. Encourage your members to wear your gym merch on the day, with prizes for people decked out in the gym merch.
  10. Organise printing of your posters and display them at the gym.
  11. Organise some small flyers for the members to take home and put on the fridge or to invite family and friends.
  12. Set tasks to send out reminders of the event as the event gets closer or build out an automation in your CRM System to automatically send out your reminders.
  13. Consider attaching flyers to noticeboards at local venues such as cafes and shopping malls if you are keen to have non-members join your event to get to know you and your gym.

Want to use this flyer template?

It’s simple. If you’re a member of the Website + Marketing subscription here at WodSites then all you need to do is click the button below to download the Word Document, complete the content in the document and email it to us at [email protected]. We’ll edit up the flyer for you and send it back to you within a week.

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