New Year is an excellent opportunity for you to get your members, their families, their friends, their Aunties, Uncles, dogs and cats together for a great party!

Everyone loves a good New Year’s Party but tons of people hate booking venues in town and organising transport so guess what… you’re going to make it happen!

In this month’s release of Gym Design we are releasing design templates to promote and run your own New Year’s Party. As part of our Website + Marketing package our clients receive the following designs customized to their brand and content:

1. A3 Print Ready Poster
2. A4 Print Ready Poster
3. A5 Print Ready Poster
4. Web Optimized Flyer (For use in emails and on the web)
5. Facebook Event Banner
6. Social Media Image

You will also receive the following content to help you promote the event:

  • Sample text for the flyer design
  • Facebook page post template – for promoting the event on your Facebook page.
  • Facebook group post template – for promoting the event in your member Facebook group.
  • EDM (electronic direct mail) e-mail template – for emailing out to your members

Here’s what it will look like:

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Here’s how to run the event:

Your New Year’s Party may take a bit of organising so the key is to start early. Remember, everyone will want their New Year plans finalised around Christmas time so you need to move your well toned butts on this one!

  • Select a venue and secure the booking. Make sure it’s accessible to everyone and has plenty of space for dancing and fun. If you can host it in your box then great but remember you may need a drinks licence.
  • Contact your local minibus company and check the costs of hiring a driver and bus for the night. Drinking and driving isn’t cool so you might want to make sure your tickets include transport to and from the event for those in the local area. If you don’t then check the prices and availability of private hire cabs.
  • Plan the snacks, drinks and decorations you will need for the event.
  • Create a budget for each ticket to cover the venue, transport, drinks and snacks. Think about making family value tickets too.
  • Decorate your venue and make sure there is a “kid corner” with games, movies and maybe even a nap zone for the little ones.
  • Plan an awards ceremony for the New Year! Think about your Most Improved MemberBiggest Weight LossBest Team Player and of course some funny ones like Most Forgetful and Always Late (don’t forget to choose a member who can take a joke!).
  • Remember to get prizes and maybe even some small trophies for the winners!
  • Run a charity raffle and get local businesses to donate prizes – this will make for a fun and exciting prize draw on the night.
  • Hire someone to do the disco or a band to perform live, maybe you even have a member who wants to perform?

Promoting the event:

Your New Year’s Party could be the biggest event in town and there’s no reason to limit it to members only. In fact, as everyone wants to spend New Year with their loved ones, it’s better that you don’t. Here’s how you can promote your event and get 2018 off with a bang!

  • Promote your event on your Facebook page and members group.
  • Write the content you need for the flyer
  • Get the flyer designed by our design team here at WodSites
  • Collect the money upfront, either through an online link or at your gym.
  • Brief all your coaches on the event so that they can promote it at the start and end of class.
  • Get your members to vote for the winners in the categories you have chosen- eg Most Improved Member or Worst Burpee.
  • Send out an email to all your members to promote the event.
  • Ask your members to post their New Year’s Resolutions- you can read them all out at the event!
  • Ask your members with families to bring a game or toy to add to kids corner
  • Promote the sale of your raffle tickets and highlight the charity you are collecting for
  • Remember to tag and thank local businesses who are contributing prizes for your charity raffle
  • Organise printing of your posters and display them at the gym.
  • Organise some small flyers for the members to take home and put on the fridge or to invite family and friends.
  • Set tasks to send out reminders of the event as the event gets closer.

Want to use this flyer template?

It’s simple. If you’re a member of the Website + Marketing subscription here at WodSites then all you need to do is click the button below to download the Word Document, complete the content in the document and email it to us at [email protected]. We’ll edit up the flyer for you and send it back to you within a week.

Not a member yet? New templates like this are released every month to our members along with tons of other benefits. If you’re not a member yet, you need to be! CLICK HERE to watch a complete demo of our services and then SIGN UP to get access to these marketing solutions and much more.

Want more marketing ideas like this?

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