Preview Text: Want a more attention-grabbing way to promote your gym website? Build mockups with absolutely no design skills using this super handy tool!

Not getting enough traffic to your gym website? Maybe you’re just not promoting it enough!

But before you post your URL on your social media and email it to your list, why not make things a little more interesting first by creating a mockup to go along with your link?

First Things First: What is a Mockup?

In this case, a mockup simply refers to a rendering of your website on a computer or mobile device screen. It’s a more eye-catching and interesting way of sharing your website than just pasting its URL.

The only problem is that to make mockups, you either need design skills or a designer to design them for you—at least that’s how things used to be.

Say Hello to Placeit

Today, you no longer have to know photoshop or have a professional designer on your team to get your mockups done. All you have to do is go to and you’ll be able to render your website on virtually any desktop or mobile device you could think of in just a few clicks.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: You Choose a Template

Where do you want your website mockup to appear? On an iPhone? iPad? iMac? Macbook? Placeit has them all! In fact, it also has video templates like this one if you want something more engaging for your social media.

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Step 2: You Upload an Image or Paste a URL

Once you’ve chosen a template, just click on either the Upload Screenshot button to upload an image from your computer or smart device or the Grab From URL button to let the tool take a screenshot of your website.

Step 3: You Edit Your Mockup Then Download It

Once your website finishes rendering, you can use the platform’s built-in editing tools to add text and additional graphic elements before downloading your mockup and sending it out to your email list or posting it on social media.

How Much Does the Service Cost?

You have three options:

  1. Pay a per-download fee that varies depending on the template you choose
  2. Pay a fixed $14.95 monthly subscription fee that comes with unlimited downloads
  3. Pay a fixed $99.95 annual subscription fee to bring down the monthly cost to $8.33

If you go with option 1, you’ll spend around $8 on average every time you download a template. So, if you’re expecting to create at least two mockups per month, then you’re clearly better off going with either option 2 or 3.

Is Placeit Limited to Mockups?

The awesome thing about Placeit is that it doesn’t just allow you to do mockups. You can also use the tool to create logos, social media posts, business cards, apparel designs, YouTube end screens, flyers, and a host of other marketing collaterals.

Placeit has over 40,000 ready-to-use templates, so there’s really no limit to what you can create for your gym.Want to launch a new apparel line? You can do that! Want to create a quick promo video for your gym? You can do that too—all with zero design skills!

Easily Promote Your Gym Website in Style With Placeit!

Why just share your gym website’s URL when you can get more people to notice and click on it by paring it with a stunning mockup instead? Give Placeit a shot today and discover a whole new way to get the word out on your gym website!

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