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We’ve been working with WodSites for over 4 years and we’re loving the service! It wasn’t until I spoke with Kody that I realized we weren’t doing everything we could to capture leads on our website. Now we have a website that has a clear call to action buttons and fewer obstacles for clients to get started with us. All it takes is one click for people to get going.

Regan Hams
CrossFit Bounce


WodSites understand small fitness businesses and so the websites are so well tailored for our kind of business. We’ve been working with WodSites since 2013. Our old website cost us around $10,000 and the after sale support was bad. It was always 2 or 3 weeks (if not more) to get changes done. With WodSites I have never had to wait longer than 24 hours. I now have 3 websites with WodSites and they are so good at driving leads for our businesses. I couldn’t sing their praises enough.

Wykie Etsebeth
Projects Fit


I sent our website out to our members and they LOVE IT! They are already sharing it out to their friends. Our website is a lot easier for people to book with us now. People are coming to our website and booking in straight away. Also, the support from WodSites has been outstanding and the monthly cost is easily covered by the additional new leads it’s bringing in every month.

Craig Ladek
CrossFit Tempered


Since working with WodSites it has been a real eye opening experience from the perspective of what people are looking for in websites, just the flow of the homepage and the catchy headlines that are going to keep people active and stay on my website more regularly or for longer. In today’s market, everybody’s attention span is so short. You really need to captive people right away and WodSites has been able to really hit home with us and deliver on that.

Graham Holmberg
2010 Fittest Man On Earth


I’m a CrossFit® Games athlete and founder of Stoneberg Strength. Before I found WodSites my website needed a lot of work. It was hard to navigate and it just wanted updated to the modern look of websites. But after finding WodSites Kody and the gang created a site that is much easier to navigate and looks a lot more professional. We’ve also had a lot of good feedback from customers. If you are a CrossFit® Games athlete or CrossFit® affiliate owner and you need a website. I recommend WodSites.

Ben Stoneberg
9th Fittest Man In The World, 2014


As a CrossFit® Games athlete and co-owner of CrossFit Mentality I know the importance of have a great website. This is something I really struggled with when I opened CrossFit Mentality and I knew I needed help. I reached out to WodSites and they’ve helped me tremendously. They set up the WordPress platform, made it very user friendly and our members just love the new website. If you are a new box, and you’re opening soon, I highly suggest you check out WodSites.

Scott Panchik
5 Time CrossFit® Games Competitor


Hey it’s Bruce from Platform CrossFit. We use WodSites for our website. We transferred a year ago from our old site to our new site. And it took us 10 DAYS. The process was simple, fun. We get all the support we need to make changes to the website, all the way through. Can’t recommend them highly enough. So if you wanna create a website, take it for affiliate owners, check out WodSites.

– Bruce Dominguez
Platform CrossFit


Hi guys! Aidan from CrossFit Access. I’ve been using WodSites now for over a year, maybe a little bit longer. As our businesses are evolved and developed, we’ve now got another two facilities. WodSites has been there right from the start and had been adept at creating our website to help maximise the amount of leads and stuff that we get through from those extra facilities. So it’s not just a product which we get, and then have to maintain and upgrade ourselves. The service is FANTASTIC, and they sort of help us grow and make it move with the development of our business, and I think that’s important from us.

Aidan Dawson
CrossFit Access


Hi my name is Chris Chalmers and I own and run CrossFit Geelong with my wife Corrine. We were looking at getting a new website for our CrossFit Affiliate. Our old site was a bit clunky but we wanted something fresh, something our members could use and something that would integrate with some email campaigns we wanted to run. Kody had done a lot of our print design already for us (which we loved) so we decided to go with WodSites. We built a website and WE LOVE IT. I would say that any CrossFit box owner in today’s environment needs a good website. One that looks professional and one that works. Go with WodSites, we love ours.

– Chris Chalmers
CrossFit Geelong


Hi my name is David Mill and I am lucky enough to be one of the co-owners here at CrossFit SoHi and we are very happy to say that we use WodSites. On behalf of everyone here at CrossFit Southern Highlands, especially our members and the people visiting our website, we want to say a massive big thank you to Kody and the WodSites team who have been ENDLESSLY helpful.We believe you have produced a website that is going to grow our business immensely. So from all the team here at CF SoHi thank you Kody and the team at WodSites, we have been happy to work with you, and will be happy to continue to work with you in the future.

David Miller
CrossFit Southern Highlands


Just wanted to say a big thank you to you and your team for getting our website up and running, so quickly. The back end is easy to use and the support for running it has been great. The design is clean, and the site is user friendly for our customers. Having an easy to use website with a professional clean look has increased sales beyond our expectations. Thanks for helping the Ruthless website be seen and used by more CrossFitters. All the best!

– Ruth Anderson Horrell
15th Fittest Women In The World, 2013


Hi, Darren here from 8848 Strength and Conditioning. I’ve been with WodSites now for over two years. Things I like about it, so I get to know Kody and have relationship with Kody. Based in Australia, he’s easy to get hold of and communicate. And I just have that trust that he’s gonna keep everything up to date and do the best possible job for me in order to promote our business within the website. A monthly payment as well, so it’s just that easy. He keeps it nice and simple, and I thought I’d trust to get on board.

– Darren Twissell
8848 Strength And Conditioning