What is CRM and why do you need it?

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What is CRM and why do you need it? CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and it is a combination of business strategies, software, and processes that helps build long-lasting relationships between companies and their customers.

Why is CRM important for a gym?

CRM keeps you organized which leads to more sales and better member retention. From sales processes to marketing campaigns and business analytics as well as customer data, CRM automates and streamlines these processes for you.

We recommend using our partners at Gym Lead Machine for all your CRM needs.

What does Gym Lead Machine’s Customer Relationship Management software do exactly?

The GLM app helps capture and nurture leads and helps client communication. With GLM, not only do you receive a beautiful and functional website, you also get access to a powerful CRM software that provides you with multiple tools from one, easy to use dashboard.

Lets see what can you do in the GLM app with one single login:

  • Capture Leads
  • Nurture leads with automated emails and text.
  • Communicate with leads via two way texting
  • Track your leads in the sales pipeline
  • Schedule appointments
  • Reputation management
  • Landing Page Builder

Capture leads

Your new website comes with clearly visible call-to-action buttons which will open a program specific pop up. This way you will know if your prospect opted in for more information about your core program, your specialty program, or your pricing.

Nurture leads with automated emails and texts

There is a programming proverb that states: ”Never do twice what you can automate once”. And that’s exactly what we do for you. When a prospect opts-into a form on your site, you get notified and the prospect automatically gets texts and emails that encourage them to come into your gym. You can find out more about SMS marketing here.

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